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We have developed an official payment module for PrestaShop version 1.7 and higher. The module is developed and maintained by scanpay. We have uploaded the source code to GitHub and we encourage you to help us improve the module – all contributions are much appreciated.

PrestaShop 1.6
We have a payment module for Thirty Bees that works with PrestaShop version 1.6 and higher. You can find the Thirty Bees installation guide here.


  1. Download the PrestaShop Scanpay extension here.
  2. Enter the PrestaShop admin and navigate to Modules.
  3. Click the 'upload a module' button and select the zip file you just downloaded.


  1. Enter the admin, navigate to Modules and press the 'Installed modules' tab.
  2. Find 'Scanpay' and press 'configure'.
  3. Locate the API-key field and copy an API-key from the dashboard into the field.
  4. Copy the content of the Ping URL field into the corresponding field in the Scanpay dashboard and save it. After saving press the 'Test Ping' button.
  5. Return to the PrestaShop admin and press the 'save' button in the lower right corner.
  6. Verify that the previously yellow box below Ping URL has turned green and says 'Ok!'.
  7. Navigate to Payment > Preferences in the left sidebar. Scroll down to 'Country Restrictions' and enable Scanpay for the countries you see fit, then press 'save'. Now scroll down to 'Carrier Restrictions' and enable Scanpay for all carriers and press 'save'.