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Getting started

We are a software company from Denmark. We have developed a payment platform, that allows companies to accept payments online. The purpose of this guide is to briefly explain how it works and how you get started.

For security and compliance reasons you cannot iFrame or inline our Payment Window. SAQ A-EP certified merchants can request permission to host the payment form (here).

Create user and shop

First you will need to create a user and then you can create a shop. When you create a shop you will become its technical owner/admin (transferable). You can invite your colleagues to the shop and give them privileges that determine what actions they can perform. Users should have only the minimal set of privileges required to ensure a system of least privilege.

Setup acquirers

Before you can accept payments you will need a merchant agreement with an acquiring bank. This agreement will determine what payment methods you can accept. You can read more about this process, and see a full list of supported acquiring banks here.


We develop and maintain modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms: WooCommerce and Magento 2. We also provide API libraries for PHP and node.js – more libraries/modules coming soon.